QTools  7.2.1
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qview.py File Reference

QView Monitoring for QP/Spy. More...

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class  QView
class  QView._LocFilterDialog_AO_OBJ
class  QSpy
 Helper class for UDP-communication with the QSpy front-end (non-blocking UDP-socket version for QView) More...


namespace  qview


def reset_target (*args)
 Send the RESET packet to the Target.
def command (cmdId, param1=0, param2=0, param3=0)
 executes a given command in the Target
def tick (tick_rate=0)
 trigger system clock tick in the Target
def peek (offset, size, num)
 peeks data in the Target
def poke (offset, size, data)
 pokes data into the Target
def glb_filter (*args)
 Set/clear the Global-Filter in the Target.
def loc_filter (*args)
 Set/clear the Local-Filter in the Target.
def ao_filter (obj_id)
 Set/clear the Active-Object Local-Filter in the Target.
def current_obj (obj_kind, obj_id)
 Set the Current-Object in the Target.
def query_curr (obj_kind)
 query the current object in the Target
def publish (signal, params=None)
 publish a given event to subscribers in the Target
def post (signal, params=None)
 post a given event to the current AO object in the Target
def init (signal=0, params=None)
 take the top-most initial transition in the current SM object in the Target
def dispatch (signal, params=None)
 dispatch a given event in the current SM object in the Target
def qunpack (fmt, bstr)
 Unpack a QS trace record.
def main ()


int OBJ_SM = 0
int OBJ_AO = 1
int OBJ_MP = 2
int OBJ_EQ = 3
int OBJ_TE = 4
int OBJ_AP = 5
int GRP_ALL = 0xF0
int GRP_SM = 0xF1
int GRP_AO = 0xF2
int GRP_MP = 0xF3
int GRP_EQ = 0xF4
int GRP_TE = 0xF5
int GRP_QF = 0xF6
int GRP_SC = 0xF7
int GRP_SEM = 0xF8
int GRP_MTX = 0xF9
int GRP_U0 = 0xFA
int GRP_U1 = 0xFB
int GRP_U2 = 0xFC
int GRP_U3 = 0xFD
int GRP_U4 = 0xFE
int GRP_UA = 0xFF
int IDS_ALL = 0xF0
tuple IDS_AO = (0x80 + 0)
tuple IDS_EP = (0x80 + 64)
tuple IDS_EQ = (0x80 + 80)
tuple IDS_AP = (0x80 + 96)
None HOME_DIR = None

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Last updated on: 2022-12-19
Last updated for version: 7.2.0

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