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The Model Search dock window enables you to perform textual search (and also replace) of a selected part of the QM™ model. To allow you access to any part of the model, the search dock contains the hierarchical-tree view of the model, similar to the Model Explorer, but it provides quite different functionality and you should not confuse the two. The Model Search dock window can be shown or hidden by means of the View->Search menu or the View Toolbar :

Showing/Hiding the Search Dock Window
To avoid confusing Model Search with Model Explorer, QM™ uses a different color scheme for these two views.
Model Search Dock Window

The Model Search view consists of the Search Box at the top, where you can type the search string, and a couple of buttons. The Search Button to the right performs a one-time search of the next occurrence of the search string. The Search Options drop-down arrow shows a popup-menu of search options (e.g., non-recursive search, context-sensitivity, etc.). Finally, the Replace Button opens the Replace Box, where you can type a replacement string.

The tree view below the Search Box is for selecting the Search Item, which narrows-down the scope of the search. The tree view also shows the Current Item, which is the model item with the last occurrence of the search string.

Please refer to the Section Search/Replace for more information about search and replace.

Model ExplorerProperty Editor