QM  5.2.5
Model-Based Design Tool
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Log Console

Bird's Eye ViewMenus

The Log Console dock window shows the textual output from code generation, external tool execution, and specific information about selected model elements (such as all triggers handled by a given state). The Model Explorer dock window can be shown or hidden by means of the View->Log Console menu or the View Toolbar :

Showing/Hiding the Log Console Window

Log Console Dock Window

The log console is read-only, but you can select any part of the text and copy it to the Clipboard.

Popup Menu

The Log Console provides a pop-up menu, which you activate by right-clicking anywhere inside the text area.

Log Console's Popup Menu

The available options are as follows:

  • Copy allows you to copy the selected text into the Clipboard (only enabled when there is a selection)
  • Select All allows you to select all the text in the Log Console
  • Wrap Lines is a toggle, which allows you to either wrap the lines to fit the text in the available width of the Log Console, or not to wrap the lines and use the horizontal scroll, if some lines exceed the width of the Log Console
  • Clear All allows you to clear the Log Console.

Locating Erroneous Items

The QM™ code generator might report errors to the Log Console. Typically, an error message pertains to a specific model item. In that case, the Error Console allows you to quickly navigate to the erroneous item by double-clicking on the error message. For example, the screen shot below shows an error message associated with a state item. Double-clicking on the line with the error message opens the corresponding state machine and locates the erroneous state.

Locating Erroneous Item

Output from External Tools

The Log Console also displays output from any External Tools that you invoke directly from QM™ (such as make, lint, unit tests, flash programmers, etc.)

For example, the following screen shot shows the output from a code upload to an embedded target. Please note that this example shows a "long-running" utility, which produces the output incrementally as the code is being uploaded and programmed to the flash memory of the embedded MCU.

Output from an External Tool
In case of the tool failure, the Log Console will show the error status. But, if you checked the Show error message box after failure check box in the Manage Tools Dialog Box, you will get an additional alert in form of a message box, which can be useful for unit testing.

Listing State Signals

The Log Console also can display additional information about the model, such as all signals handled by a state in a Hierarchical State Machine (HSM).

List of Signals Handled by a State
In a HSM, a state "inherits" signals from all its superstates, so it might not be readily apparent which signals are handled).