QP/C++  5.9.8
stdint.h File Reference

Exact-width integer types. WG14/N843 C99 Standard, Section 7.18. More...

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typedef signed char int8_t
 exact-width 8-bit signed int
typedef signed short int16_t
 exact-width 16-bit signed int
typedef signed long int32_t
 exact-width 32-bit signed int
typedef signed long long int64_t
 exact-width 64-bit signed int
typedef unsigned char uint8_t
 exact-width 8-bit unsigned int
typedef unsigned short uint16_t
 exact-width 16-bit unsigned int
typedef unsigned long uint32_t
 exact-width 32-bit unsigned int
typedef unsigned long long uint64_t
 exact-width 64-bit unsigned int
typedef signed int int_fast8_t
 fast at-least 8-bit signed int
typedef unsigned int uint_fast8_t
 fast at-least 8-bit unsigned int
typedef signed int int_fast16_t
 fast at-least 16-bit signed int
typedef unsigned int uint_fast16_t
 fast at-least 16-bit unsigned int
typedef signed long int_fast32_t
 fast at-least 32-bit signed int
typedef unsigned long uint_fast32_t
 fast at-least 32-bit unsigned int

Detailed Description

Exact-width integer types. WG14/N843 C99 Standard, Section 7.18.

This header is part of the ANSI C99 standard library to define the standard exact-width integer types (see C99 Section If the compiler does not provide the stdint.h header file, you can either create one in the QP port directory, or you can typedef the 8 exact-width integer types directly in the qep_port.h header file.
The version included in the QP documentation contains only the 8 exact-width types actually used in QP. The actual definition of the exact-width integer types is platform dependent.

Definition in file stdint.h.