QP/C  5.9.8
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17 #ifndef stdint_h
18 #define stdint_h
20 /*lint -save -e1960 MISRA-C++:2008 Rule 17-0-2, Re-use of C++ identifier */
22 /* Exact-width types. WG14/N843 C99 Standard, Section */
23 typedef signed char int8_t;
24 typedef signed short int16_t;
25 typedef signed long int32_t;
26 typedef signed long long int64_t;
28 typedef unsigned char uint8_t;
29 typedef unsigned short uint16_t;
30 typedef unsigned long uint32_t;
31 typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;
33 /* Fastest minimum-width types. WG14/N843 C99 Standard, Section */
34 typedef signed int int_fast8_t;
35 typedef unsigned int uint_fast8_t;
36 typedef signed int int_fast16_t;
37 typedef unsigned int uint_fast16_t;
38 typedef signed long int_fast32_t;
39 typedef unsigned long uint_fast32_t;
41 /*lint -restore */
43 #endif /* stdint_h */
signed int int_fast8_t
fast at-least 8-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:34
unsigned short uint16_t
exact-width 16-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:29
signed long int_fast32_t
fast at-least 32-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:38
unsigned char uint8_t
exact-width 8-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:28
unsigned int uint_fast8_t
fast at-least 8-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:35
unsigned long uint_fast32_t
fast at-least 32-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:39
signed short int16_t
exact-width 16-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:24
unsigned long long uint64_t
exact-width 64-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:31
unsigned long uint32_t
exact-width 32-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:30
signed int int_fast16_t
fast at-least 16-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:36
signed char int8_t
exact-width 8-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:23
unsigned int uint_fast16_t
fast at-least 16-bit unsigned int
Definition: stdint.h:37
signed long long int64_t
exact-width 64-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:26
signed long int32_t
exact-width 32-bit signed int
Definition: stdint.h:25