QP/C  5.9.8
Examples for Third-Party RTOS

The main purpose of integrating QP/C with conventional RTOSes is to enable you to incorporate various communication stacks (TCP/IP, USB, CAN, etc.) as well as other middleware, which requires the ability to block the task code.

  • embOS (directory examples/embos/)
  • ThreadX (directory examples/threadx/)
  • TI-RTOS (directory examples/ti-rtos/)
  • uC/OS-II (directory examples/ucos-ii/)
You do not need to use a traditional RTOS just to achieve preemptive multitasking with QP. The preemptive QK kernel, available as part of the QP package, supports preemptive priority-based multitasking and is fully compatible with Rate Monotonic Scheduling to achieve guaranteed, hard real-time performance. The preemptive, run-to-completion QK kernel perfectly matches the run-to-completion execution semantics of active objects, yet it is simpler, faster, and more efficient than any traditional blocking kernel.

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